YouTube and Instagram links from The Grand Tour season 3 episode 10

I've just watched the 10th episode of the third season of The Grand Tour.

In this episode Richard, James and Jeremy were playing with cars that were designed for millennials. There was a contest in the show who get more likes on Instagram for the photo of the car and who get more views on YouTube.

After watching the episode I spend some time searching for the photos and videos that they have created for the show.

So here is everything that I have found.

Warnings! There are spoilers here! It is better to watch episode before reading the text.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy said that his photo has 54 thousand likes.

His photo on Instagram —

He has also said that his video got 266 thousand views.

Here is a link to his video —

(Actually hes has uploaded serveral videos with his character David Souffle — )

Richard Hammond

Richard said that he got 9 likes on Instagram. He has explaind such low number because he does not use Instagram and he has not so many followers

I wans't able to find photo in his Instagram. Richard has a verified account, but there is only one photo in that account and it is selfie, not a car photo.

(If you read comments on that selfie you will find that other people also asking Richard where is the car photo)

Richars said that his video has got 16800 views.

Here is a link to his video —

Richard has written a funny clickbate description for this video:

Man tightrope walks between moving vehicles. You won’t believe what happens next

Epic street fight broken up by Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum, whilst Prince Phillip tightrope walks between two cars.

James May

May said that he has got zero likes for his Instagram photo, because he had no account on Instagram, he had created one for the contest, but it was banned.

I have found Instagram account that looks like it belongs to May — There is no blue checkmark that shows that it is a verified account, but the first video in acount is a video with a man that looks like James May who say that it is his account —

The first photo in this account is october 18 2018, so I think it is quite possible that this is his account that he has created for the contest.

May said that his video has got 330 thousand views.

Here is a link to his YouTube — Unboxing a real car - Yaris GRMN —

Current results

Afther the show aired the number of likes and views has increased, but May still wins.

Here is a table with the number of likes and views at the time of writing this text:

                                        Instagram   YouTube
Jeremy Clarkson   VW Polo GTI              113986    351168
Richard Hammond   Ford Fiesta ST                9     33458
James May         Toyota Yaris GRMN             0    697850

Ivan Bessarabov

16 march 2019

This text is also available in Russian language